Friday, January 15, 2010

Fuck it Friday!!!!!

Well it is that time again and I have been waiting for this post all week. So beware...

Oh yeah and I apologize ahead of time :)

I only have a couple of gripes this week. Mainly my children, who would have thought huh? OK, so I was prepared for anything when we started trying to have kids but man I wasn't prepared for the chaos that has erupted in my home over the past couple of months. It is like I have transformed into a full time referee for these two heathens. They never fucking quit, NEVER! They scream, fight, pick at and assault each other every fucking second of the day. My anxiety is in full force right now and I am at a very high level of pisstivity. I know I know... they are just children, that's what siblings do people say. Oooooohhhhh well excuse the hell out of me for thinking that these two are absofuckinglutely crazy at times. Mainly all of the time. So what if they are siblings? as their parental unit it irritates the shit out of me by about the 8th hour in the day of them doing this shit. Period! I birthed them, one of them with no pain meds by the way so that gives me full reign to bitch about them from time to time. But I love them more than life itself so don't take this post the wrong way people :)

Next on the agenda for Fuck it Friday!!!
The carpool lane at my sons elementary school. I hate it....hard! You'd better be ready to dedicate about 40 minutes of your day to picking up your child from this school. No exaggerations here. I have to get there 25 minutes before he gets out and I sit there with my thumb up my ass for 15 minutes after he gets out until he skips his jolly little ass to the car. In between those times I have to entertain the three year old in the back. I will add that this is no easy task. The school needs a better procedure for picking these little turds up everyday because THIS is not fucking working people.

Also....I say fuck it to crazy people!!!
I'm not going to name a name here but there is this guy that me and a group of my long time friends know that is a total fucking whack job and that my friends is putting it really lightly. He is 32, lives with his parents, works as one of those little "I put the carts up for lazy people" at Target and to top that off, has never had a girlfriend. He is super sheltered and well.....nuttier than a squirrel turd. He has turrets syndrome and that I am not making fun of, I think hes bipolar and a bit delusional. He has shunned me and my husband for the past 7 years because we didn't take him to a Halloween party even though we didn't know we were supposed to. But anyhoo......I got off track. My friend called him a few weeks ago while we were all out just to see what he was up to and this sent him into a crazy rampage. He called her husbands job and told them that they were harassing him! Can you fucking believe that?? We also found out from one of our friends that he still apparently talks to that he purchased a machine gun!!! I mean holyshitballs!!
I was never friends with this guy but he was an acquaintance and it just knocked me back a bit to hear that because I know that he is in fact a looney toon. How does one in fact become so crazy? I say to this guy......Take some medication mm'kay. That's just plain scary.

And to you Steven from Carnival Cruise lines.......You sir are a grade A retard!
I talked with you for over two weeks regarding my cruise before we finalized everything and you had the balls to book me on the wrong fucking cruise! And then try to blame me.......ME for you not paying attention. I think not sir, I think not. I wish just once that someone in customer service would actually pay attention to the person that they are supposed to be "serving". Is that so much to fucking ask? Really? Especially when I'm spending a grand with the company you work for. You sir can suck it!!

And last but certainly not least....
Fuck Men!!
I love men but hate them at the same time! My dad has pissed me off and so did my husband. Not today but it was during the week so it is deserving of this weekly post.
And Steven from Carnival Cruise lines don't think that you are forgotten in this post....ooohhh nnnoooo! You are ranked number one on my shit list this week sir. Number 1.

Aahhh that was refreshing. I hope I wasn't too offensive today. Oh who the hell am I trying to fool? No I'm not :)

Until next time............


Brittney said...

I so look forward to your posts! They make me smile & I can relate to a lot of what you are saying! Customer service sucks donkey nuts no matter what company they work for.. its like they go by that little sheet that gives them responses for what you say and they dont dare guide off of it! I had this one lady say the same thing to me over and over again.. I was like WTF are you a robot? LOL!
Men... UGH! My hubby was really irritating me this week so I guess that will give me something to do my Saturday bitchy bloggin on lol!! I only have one kid but he drives me up the wall never in my life have i heard a kid whine so much... ahh parenthood rocks my socks! lol! Have a good weekend

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Following from MBC. Come see me too!

MommiesTimeOutToday said...

Wow! I bet you feel better after letting that all out! That guy with the machine gun, I'd probably go to the police and give them a heads up. You don't want to end up on the news being held hostage by a nut who's mad at you for not taking him to a Halloween party.

Heather McDougle said...

Awww! It looks like you had quit the week.

I came over from MBC! I am now following you.