Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lets talk about Twilight

Ok, now I know that I am not a 15 year old girl but I cannot say enough how much I love Twilight! I also cannot describe how dreamy Edward is. I said for the longest time that I would never watch this movie because it was just another cheesy teen movie but man was I wrong. I have turned into a teenage girl with a crush again. It reminds me of when I was younger and covered my walls with posters of all of the boys that I just loved. I think I am going to go buy a poster of Edward and hang it on my bedroom wall and relive the old days where I would go to sleep staring at a poster of my current crush. The odd thing is, I have seen him in magazines and I dont even find him the slightest bit attractive BUT in this movie he is in a way, hypnotizing. Maybe it is the chivalry that he posesses god who knows but it makes me want to find myself a hot vampire lol. And I luckily am not the only one who thinks this way. The majority of the GROWN women that I know are just as smitten as I am. I just cant put my finger on what this character posesses that makes women go wild. I just dont know. What I do know is that I cant wait until November when the new one comes out, and the next one and then the next one :) Man November is a long ways away. Oh well. Until next time......

My very own Bucket list.

So the past couple of weeks have been difficult and mind opening to say the least. They also have given me alot of time to think about things. I have came to the conclusion that I will be 29 years old next month and there are alot of things that I still want to do that I havent gotten to do yet. I have realized that although the big 30 is right around the corner I am still young enough to accomplish all of the things that I am wanting to. In my 29 years I have accompished alot of things including marrying an amazing man and having two of the best children ever. But still I am in search of more. Someone recently told me that even though your having a bad day today, tomorrow is a new day with new adventures and new problems but feel blessed when you have another day to experience things no matter what the experience may be. I truly beleive that life is what you make of it. Live your life to the fullest as if it were your very own story that you will have the pleasure of sharing with your children, and maybe even grandchildren. I dont expect to live the most exciting life imaginable but there are a few things that I would love to do or accomplish. So here is my very own bucket list full of things that I would love to add to my story one day and not necessarily in this order :)

1. Go to school and have an actual career.
2. Take a dance class.
3. Learn to play the piano or the guitar.
4. Get a job that I enjoy going to everyday.
5. Lose the extra weight that my youngest child blessed me with :)
6. Accomplish something on my own.
7. Learn how to make my nannies chocolate chip cookies.
8. Travel to Europe.
9. Take a trip with just my girlfriends.
10. Buy a Bulldog.
11. Take a Disney Cruise.
12. Go snow boarding.
13. Buy a sportscar. Red preferrably.
14. I would love to see Time Square.
15. Go to Coney Island and eat many chili cheese dogs from Nathan's.
16. Go deep sea fishing and actually catch something.
17. Write a book.

So as you can see none of this is super exciting, just things I would like to do. So as I continue to write on this here blog hopefully my list gets smaller and these things are accomplished. Or hell who knows, I just might add to it :) Until next time......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oreo's and Tutu's

So I have recently been at home during the day, all day. Which means I have been a stay at home mom as well. Now I have said many a time that I would love to be able to stay home with my children but after being at home for a week I might just retract that statement. I love them more than life itself but my home has become a zoo. I have had my spunky two year old all day and boy is she mischievous. She is the definition of terrible two's. I am convinced at this point that she has multiple personalities. One moment she is the sweetest little thing and ten seconds later its like her little head is spinning Exorcist style. She is dramatic, moody and destructive but such an angel. It is hard to get on to a sweet little girl running around like a crazy person in a ballet tutu and bicycle helmet as she is pouring her apple juice all over anything that will sit still, true story! As I sit thinking wow, I never thought I would be sitting at home as a 28 year old cleaning up apple juice off of my furniture and holding an oreo faced angel because she played and played until she just could'nt go anymore. She terrifies me and makes me proud at the same time. She is the image of myself when I was a child and has the personality to match which could be good or bad depending on who you talk to. She is outgoing, loud, and a take charge kind of girl and I could'nt be happier. I think to myself everyday, I cant wait to see what kind of person she will grow up to be or how crazy she will be as a teenager and what wonderful things she has to offer the people that are blessed to know or come in contact with her. This is an odd post for me but I guess I am having one of those sentimental moments. Who knows. So just a gentle reminder to all of the moms reading this. Cherish every second that you have with your little oreo faced angels. Relish in the fact that they can run around in tutus, rain boots and bicycle helmets and think that they look absolutely fabulous. Encourage their individuality and let them know that it is ok to be yourself no matter how silly they look :) Until next time.....