Sunday, December 20, 2009

How Bout Them Cowboy's

So I have to make a post about this. I am a pretty new fan of football but man that was a great game lastnight against New Orleans. I havent been that excited in a while, well at least since last Sunday when I attended the Cowboys game :) That was pretty exciting too.
I used to dread football season every year because I thought it was so boring and Nicholas always watched the games but I always seemed to find something constructive to do while they were on and never really paid attention. But as soon as I actually sat down last season and watched the Cowboys play, I really got into it and I have learned slowly how the games work and I gotta tell ya. I love it!!!! I have became one of those over excited fans. I bit every nail I had watching lastnight but I had faith the entire time even when people pegged them to lose. Sure they were the underdog in the game but they definetely rose to the occasion and played a kickass game of football. Nick Folk on the other hand, is really starting to tick me off right along with his teammate Roy Williams. They need to be banned from Texas all together, not just the NFL. I am just so happy that they won! Until next time.......

Friday, December 18, 2009

A note from the trenches

I have not posted anything on here in a while mostly because I havent felt inspired enough to write anything even remotely interesting. Not to say that I am now but I just remembered that I enjoy doing it so that inspired me enough to sign in and write something. So here goes..... In the recent weeks I have been lacking any sort of motivation. Why? who knows. I keep my home picked up, cook every night and attend class two nights a week but other than that, no motivation and I havent the slightest clue why. My children have been at each others throats lately and it has worn my patience quite thin. When a 7 and almost 3 year old fight, how on earth do you resolve the dispute? They are both right, arguing with a 3 year old is next to impossible and they are just doing what comes natural. Two siblings fighting non stop every single second they are together. It makes for a very nerve racking evening in my household. And it is impossible to prevent so you just have to prepare yourself for the war that is about to erupt as soon as the 7 year old hops in the car when he is picked up from school. I decided today that I wave the white flag and surrender. I cannot win the war with these two, they are a force to be reckoned with and Im just not a worthy enough opponent to defeat them. So as I said.... I surrender to them. They are the superior army in this household. Also to add some crazyness to the mix we now are the proud owners of a German Shepherd puppy named Cooper. He is only about 11 weeks old but he is the size of a small horse already and alot more time to grow which terrifies me. I feel as if he is going to end up being the size of a clydesdale. I will say that he is very well behaved for being the age that he is so that is a plus. I am hoping that he will be a great watchdog and go after the mutt next door that feels the need to crap in our yard whenever she gets the opportunity. Well it has been great getting back into the swing of writing but I must go feed my army. I have been summoned to the kitchen, for it is snacktime. Until next time.....