Friday, January 30, 2009

Working like a slave

As I am winding down for the day I can't help but think I am so glad it's Friday and I don't have to work tomorrow. Oh.. wait.. I do have to work tomorrow. Isn't that super? And if you think that's bad I will be strolling into the office on Sunday too. Yep, twelve days of work in a row. Man I need to win the lottery already. It sucks to know that I am working my life away. But I digress. I just got finished watching a little flick named Pineapple Express. It is by far my new favorite movie and if you haven't seen it, see it. It is packed full of greatness! I lol every time I watch it. So on to a more interesting topic. I am in search of an English Bulldog puppy and I am having the hardest time finding one. It always seems like it takes forever to find something when you really want it. Every one that I find is either not the color I want, located in B.F.E. or they want your first born as payment. I just don't get it. I am pretty certain that I am going to have to hunt far and wide to find one of the little suckers. So maybe on a post a year from now I might announce that I have found one :) I swear, it is really hard to concentrate when you have a wild animal next to you snoring loud enough to wake the dead. And by wild animal I mean Nicholas. Man I hope I don't sound like this when I sleep. Well I think it is time to hit the sack. Goodnight everyone :)


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Jenreg at Eighty mph mom tagged me to list 25 random things about goes...are you ready?

1. I am an animal lover :)
2. I procrastinate way too much.
3. I am often sarcastic to a fault.
4. I hate clutter.
5. I love to read and write :)
6. I am a new found fan of Football.
7. Tony Romo and Jason Witten are the reason that I now love football.
8. I love the UFC!!!!
9. I would die without a cellphone.
10. I love it when my best friend Andrea bakes for me. Hint Hint :)
11. I have a phobia of Ketchup. Crazy right?
12. I watch General Hospital on my dvr everyday.
13. I am a friendly gal who loves to talk.
15. I am horribly terrified of snakes.
16. I dont handle stress well.
17. I am too confrontational.
18. I love scary movies.
19. I absolutely love a good debate :)
20. I dont mind doing laundry I just hate putting the clothes away.
21. I crack my own self up lol.
22. I love to eat. Seriously its my favorite thing to do :)
23. I want a Bulldog so bad it hurts :(
24. I dont have alot of friends but the ones I have are amazing!
25. I absolutely adore my family :)

Hope you on the lookout - I might tag you!

Zombies? Really??

Okay so I know it has been a while since I have posted here I just have not been very inspired lately. To be completely honest I am not very inspired now just horribly bored at work and I am sure that when you are done reading this ridiculous post you will be bored too :) There is work to be done, I am just not motivated enough at the moment to do any of it. I am also fairly certain that I will be whining later because there is too much of it to do and not enough time to do it but oh well. I can't breathe, my nose is running like a faucet and I feel lousy. I am very sure that I have been infected with something, but anyhoo. I tried surfing the web for a while but I just could not find anything interesting enough to look at. I just ended up reading a ton of nonsense in a rather entertaining forum and saw on that someone hacked into some road signs in Austin and made them read " Zombies Ahead run for your lives" among some other funny quotes. The news was going crazy over this. I along with a fellow co-worker think it is hilarious by the way and Nicholas thinks that it could be true and was put there by the center for disease control or something but who knows right. We also decided out of boredom to take a Zombie survival test online and I am sad to report that if in fact Zombies surface here, I only have a 9% survival rate. So it is pretty safe to say that I would cease to exist or I would be bitten and come back as a Zombie and then you are all in trouble because if I am a bitch as a normal human think of how bad I would be as a Zombie. Makes you think huh? We also stumbled upon a rather informative site about wiggers, yeah you heard me right apparently this is an epidemic of some sort. I have seen some of these wiggers but I just never realized that the problem was so serious. As we are surfing this site out of pure boredom and I cant stress that enough, I ask myself what is wrong with the youth of today? They have to know that they look like complete tools. But then again I could be wrong. Well I hope that my post has been informative and remember, when your out watch for Zombies if you are questioning if you could win a fight with a Zombie just take the Zombie survival test I assume that it is pretty accurate when it calculates these things and beware of wiggers :) Later peeps.