Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lobster anyone?

So I am going on a Cruise on February 20th to Mexico and I have been tanning for a couple of weeks now to "prepare" to look hotter for my trip lol. Well last night I went to tan and they sent me to a "super" bed, which I did not know was a "super" bed until after I was done. The lovely lady at the tanning salon was so caught up in her conversation with another lady there that she set the timer for 20 minutes in said super bed instead of the 15 that I jotted down on the sign in sheet. There lies her first mistake, second one was not informing me that it was a "super" bed.
So here goes......I got in and got comfy as I normally do and continued to drift off to sleep, yeah it was a tiring day. I then awoke to the loud noise as the contraption shut off, and it was then that I already felt the tingling sensation that would later be my burnt flesh. I got out and as I saw myself I thought, oh shit! This might not be good because I was a little red which I never get. I have always tanned very well so I thought that was odd. As I was leaving the lady at the desk said "did you like that bed Hun?" I then said to her "well yeah I guess but you set the timer for an extra five minutes so my ass probably isn't going to appreciate that later". She just laughed like I had told her a funny joke or something but I was serious.
Today, my ass as well as every other part of my body most definitely does not appreciate it. I look like a damn lobster!! And I hurt just as bad. I have never gotten so red in a tanning bed before in my life. So....note to self, do not go in bed 11 ever again and always check that the
R-Tard that works the desk sets the timer for the time that YOU put on the sign in sheet! Well that is all for now. Me and my burnt ass are going to pout now.
Until next time......


Brittney said...

omg i would def. be complaining to the manager-- and getting some free tanning out of it!

Booklover1212 said...

OUCH!! I can't even imagine. I can't bring myself to go into a tanning bed. Not because of the whole tanning issue (which I could care less about...). I just don't like the idea of being closed in.

Let alone being closed in and boiled like a lobster.

Ouch again! Hope you feel better soon!

~ Jennifer