Friday, February 5, 2010

Fuck it Friday!!!!!

Its that time again blogging world.....oh yes it is. Time for me to let all my fuck its that I have held in out for the week. Oh how I long for this day. I can happily say that lately I haven't had too many "fuck it" moments but this week is deserving of a few I guess. So here goes.....
First on my list for the week is the lovely lady at the tanning salon who is solely responsible for the burning of my flesh. Yes lady you know who you are. My one request from now on is....if you are responsible for managing contraptions that "tan" ones skin, please "manage" said contraptions responsibly and bitch about your horrible Wal-Mart haircut on your own time. If I wasn't the sweet person that I am, and I laugh while saying that. I would kick your ass for letting me "tan" in such an extreme way the other day. I am still in pain due to this small oversight on your part. So fuck you tanning lady! Just sayin........
Second on my list is Discount Tire for putting the wrong tires on my transportation device. I went to a lovely establishment called Goodyear yesterday and they inspected my car and checked to see where the horribly annoying vibration was coming from on my Cadi. Well... apparently Discount Tire put the wrong damn tires on my car which is causing a vibration now I need new tires and my front end aligned. So....what do I do you ask? I called discount tire while at Goodyear and ask them, hey! What up with that? And the little shit who quite frankly in my opinion should never be allowed to converse with the public while at work tells me.. "well ma'am, it doesn't matter what "kind" of tire you have on your car it only matters what size the tire is. The brand wont make it vibrate". Are you fucking kidding me??? I know that!!! Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean I don't understand the concept of brand vs size you little asshole. I continued to "nicely" tell him...."I don't give a shit what brand of tire you put on my car all I am concerned with is the fact that you put the incorrect speed rating on my car. You should have been a 98H and you put a 97T on it! " Little bit of a difference wouldn't you say? And what does he tell me? "Oh... I wasn't aware that you would know what that was ma'am". I swear to everything holy if I could have kicked his ass with my mind I would have done it at that moment and not given it a second thought. So conclusion to that story is....I get new tires for free and I bet that little shithead never underestimates the mind of a woman again :)
Third on my list is the little round hispanic lady at the Redbox rental Tuesday night. Let me set the scene for you.... There are two Redbox contraptions next to one another, little round hispanic lady is working over one of them with two of her midgets next to her and another one of her midgets is working over the other one all while three people are waiting to return DVD's, myself being one of them. We are all trying our best to wait patiently while they mess with these things and spout out many things in a language I do not understand. Not once does this lady tell her kid to leave the contraption alone and let other people use it since he is just touching the screen with an obvious randomness with his greasy little mitts. This is a huge problem for me in itself due to my germaphobia issues. So what do I do while I am standing there like a retard? I check the time on my cellular device to start counting how long this shit would go on. Are you ready for this?? NINE minutes!!!!! The machine she was using crapped out 3 movies for her and she probably doesn't even know what she rented and when she was done the little turd working over the other one just walks off right along with her. Did she say oh I'm sorry? Of course not. Blatant disrespect for other people just irritates the shit out of me. So there is nine minutes of my life that I will never get back. I'm going on 30 and that little shit has a long life of working over Redbox contraptions left ahead of him. A little unjust don't you think?

And last but certainly not least...... To kids. Kids who bicker and argue over stupid shit that will never amount to anything. I.E. who likes the color purple more. Yes this was a 20 minute argument in my home three days ago that led to assault on one child from another. There is nothing in me that understands why a disagreement about the color purple could end in assault. Also, who loves the cartoon Max and Ruby more. Again.... resulted in assault and mom one step closer to weaving baskets in the nuthouse. What did I say to them regarding the cartoon incident? "Who gives a shit which one of you likes it more than the other?" It is broadcast for everyone to enjoy not just one of you so shut it and quit arguing about stupid shit". Also to my little angel Madeline who was banned from using a fork for one meal. Yes I said it! I took her fork away from her. Did I mention that it was the THIRD one that I bestowed her with during said meal? Yeah...apparently the first two forks I gave her were not to her liking so she bitched about every damn one of them til finally I said "OK if you don't like any of these forks you can try and use your hand and see how that works out for you". Did she bitch about the fork I gave her after that? Absolutely not. HA! That's one victory for mom!
Wrap up for the week....
I'm burnt
Discount Tire hires of which I owe an ass kicking to
Little hispanic ladies have no respect for others precious time
And my kids are absofuckinglutely nuts!
Until next time.....


Brittney said...

omg you have had one hell of a week chika!! I hope next week goes better for you!

Angela said...

Woo! I'm thinking I should add a F* it Friday on my blog...I would start by ranting about my husbands friends, lol. :)

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