Thursday, November 6, 2008

T.G.I.F. and the magically disappearing #2's..........

Well yesterday had to have been one of the crappiest days ever. I just about managed to screw everything up that I possibly could. It was work, a friendship and irritating Nicholas all in the span of a few hours. I think I might have even committed a small misdomenor but not 100% on that. Yeah I was pretty busy yesterday:) Then to top it all off today when I drag in to work after having a monkey in my bed all night, meaning Madeline :) I am really tired and not ready to deal with the gynormous amount of emails from my boss. And not nice emails either. I seriously think that she just likes screwing with me. I know that it sounds very juvenile of me but I have never in my life been picked on by anyone, until this woman and I just dont know how to process that. I don't normally let people intimidate me but for some reason I just can't seem to win with her. No matter what happens I am wrong even when Im not. So whatever!!! I call B.S. on this one. The one positive thing that I can say right now is that it is Friday and I could not be happier. I have absolutely nothing exciting planned as always but I don't have to work and that is good enough for me. I am however very jealous that Nicholas is off today. Him and Jeff are hard at work playing golf today while I am butthole deep in B.S. at work. Does that sound fair? I think not my friends. But oh well what can you do. On a side note, anyone need a cat? We adopted a rather handsome Bengal cat named Leo from the Humane Society and he is handsome and super affectionate. Perfect in every way except for one minor detail..........He feels the need to crap on my rug!!!!!! And he does not do this in secret. He does not require privacy like us humans. He finds it necessary to do it right in front of you and looks right at you while doing it. And before you realize what he is up to... there it is. A big steamy pile that he has produced and left for his humans to dispose of. Now don't get me wrong here, I love my cat but I do not love picking up his crap! I do not love it at all. Neither does Nicholas. He has offered to "take him out" for me, however I politely refused the offer. Now I was never good at math, not my strong subject but we have had Leo for exactly two months now and he does not do number "2" in his litter box at all. BUT......I am not finding it anywhere else so that leads me to beleive that it is disappearing, hence the title of my post today. So let me lay out some calulations for you here. Leo = our home 2 months = 61 days = 61 piles - the one he left this morning on our rug in front of Nicholas = 60 piles of crap somewhere. I know he is not super cat and cannot make a pile disappear so where is this going I wonder?? I have went on a poop hunt everyday for the past two months and come up empty handed everytime. I am getting a little discouraged now and I just know that when I unearth the location of where he is making his deposits it is going to be a beast and the size of Texas! I just dont know what I am missing here. So if anyone wants a cat he is perfect :) I exit now on that note. I hope you enjoyed the tale of the disappearing # 2's. Happy Friday everyone!!!!

More tomorrow when I can (possibly) string together a cohesive thought.

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JenReg said...

Wonderful post! I can soooo relate. I have 3 indoor cats, and one in particular likes to leave steamy piles on the rug too if his litter box is the least bit dirty! How old is your kitty? If he was an outdoor cat at some point, maybe there is something he doesn't like about just litter. I've heard that you can try mixing in a little dirt in with the litter...maybe it's worth a try?

Sorry about your boss...I had a boss like that one time.

I'm following you now - I like your writing style!