Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling a little cracky today???

Well here I am submitting another random blog entry while I am at work. Our boss just left so it is party time!!! Well not that we are going to party but just relax a bit I guess. Heather is typing away I am blogging and Andrea is reading my blog so as you can see we are pretty wild when the boss is away. I have been sitting in this chair all day long drinking Cherry Coke like a fiend and I am feeling a little cracky. I am just sitting here all hopped up on sugar with no way to get rid of this extra energy. I guess I could run around the office like a retard because the other two people that are here with me would probably not even notice. On a side note I had a McGriddle this morning from McDongaloids and it was Fanfreakingtastic! Whoever got the idea to make a sandwich out of pancakes and inject it with syrup is a genius in my opinion, pure genius. They are a heart attack waiting to happen but at the same time, packed with sweet goodness. So who cares I guess. Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed another one of my pointless posts.

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