Thursday, January 29, 2009


Jenreg at Eighty mph mom tagged me to list 25 random things about goes...are you ready?

1. I am an animal lover :)
2. I procrastinate way too much.
3. I am often sarcastic to a fault.
4. I hate clutter.
5. I love to read and write :)
6. I am a new found fan of Football.
7. Tony Romo and Jason Witten are the reason that I now love football.
8. I love the UFC!!!!
9. I would die without a cellphone.
10. I love it when my best friend Andrea bakes for me. Hint Hint :)
11. I have a phobia of Ketchup. Crazy right?
12. I watch General Hospital on my dvr everyday.
13. I am a friendly gal who loves to talk.
15. I am horribly terrified of snakes.
16. I dont handle stress well.
17. I am too confrontational.
18. I love scary movies.
19. I absolutely love a good debate :)
20. I dont mind doing laundry I just hate putting the clothes away.
21. I crack my own self up lol.
22. I love to eat. Seriously its my favorite thing to do :)
23. I want a Bulldog so bad it hurts :(
24. I dont have alot of friends but the ones I have are amazing!
25. I absolutely adore my family :)

Hope you on the lookout - I might tag you!

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