Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Im moving to Mexico!

This was the lovely ship I took my journey on.

The Carnival Ecstasy. And yes it was pure Ecstasy :)

So I arrived home from my wicked awesome vacation and I must say that I had an amazing time. The weather in Mexico was beautiful, much better than it was here in Fort Worth from what I heard. It snowed here, he he. I managed to get a tan and a little bit of a sunburn in Cozumel. People here have looked at me odd like "where the hell did you come from lady" you know, due to my golden goddess status. I missed my children but I did not want to come home. There was a small part of me that was hoping I wouldn't make the pass through customs. Eh well, I did and I'm home so fuck it. I have decided that I will be booking another cruise for this summer and I will be traveling somewhere different for this journey. I shall be going to Montego Bay Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel. Woo hoo! I'm counting the days until August. Tropical Paradise here I come!

So this vacation I went on.......I ate my weight in food on this cruise and by the time formal night got there, my dressofawesome was so awesomely snug. Yeah it was really uncomfortable but it still looked super cute though. It hurts to be pretty mama says, and so it did. Cozumel offered such amazing Pina Coladas and a many I drank. I went snorkeling, rode jet skis in the ocean, oh yeah and I was nearly crapping my bikini the whole time thinking I was going to fall off and get taken under by some sort of ocean life. Luckily for all of you :) I did not and it was a hell of a time. I also got the pleasure of riding a huge banana raft also in the middle of the ocean, you know like the one on that frightening scene in Jaws? Again my terror level was at a CODE BROWN. All I was thinking was "oh shit balls I'm gonna get eaten alive by a fucking shark!" I knew the odds of that happening were slim to none but frightening none the less. I rode a kayak, combed the beach for seashells for Maddie and took pictures under water of beautiful and colorful fishies. It was in one word, amazing.

The entertainment on the ship was hilarious. Everyone packed the Starlight lounge every night for Karaoke and not for the singing but Jay the Karaoke host. He was a hilariously gay Asian man. He was the reason I attended every night. The stand up comedians were also pretty damn funny as well. I also had a super time gambling in the casino. I have two new favorite card games, Three card poker and Caribbean Stud, noooo ladies I did not have fun with a Caribbean stud. Its just the name of the card game :) Also a shout out to the lovely little lady that took care of my room everyday who left me such cute little towel animals. You rock my face off!! And to Ilham my waiter every night, you sir can work a pole like none other. For all you dirty minds out there, he was quite the entertainer at dinner. Who would have thought your waiter would serve you bread, drinks and do a little racy dancing lol. Love ya Ilham. Well my midgets are running around like fools so I must cut this short.

Oh yeah and ladies.....this is what I got to travel with....Yes ma'am. This was my Caribbean stud :)

My stud to the right and my pal Mickis stud to the left, the Jeffster.

This is Micki after a "Few" Pina Coladas :)

I will add some more pictures when I get some free time. Until next time.......


Brittney said...

"Boo, you whore!" HAHAHA im totally jealous!!! lmao!! Im in the process of giving you another award love!! it should be posted within a few minutes or so!!! hahaha glad you had fun & your Caribbean stud is a hottie!

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

I am so glad I was finally able to get by your blog and follow/visit! I so needed to read about my favoritest place in the world-Cozumel! I am so glad its still there and awaiting me! Love your blog!

the momma said...

Hey--glad you enjoyed your cruise! I went on one cruise 2 years ago...and it lives in my mind and heart forever...sigh. Or at least until I can save up the money to get my cruise on again! :)
Saw your SITS badge!

Just One Week said...

So glad you enjoyed your cruise. I'm needing a bit of tan right now!

Stopping by from SITS!

Small Burst said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Welcome to SITS!

Joy said...

How could you not have fun on a Carnival cruise? ;o) We went on one right after this past Christmas and Cozumel was one of our stops. It was priceless.

Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community!